Fertility Success Stories

 Fertility Success Times Two
I cannot say enough nice things about Acupuncture Denver. I struggled with infertility for almost two years before conceiving my son, and with the help of Acupuncture Denver and fertility treatment I was able to become pregnant.  When I was ready to conceive my second child, I again sought the help of Acupuncture Denver along with fertility treatment. I diligently did acupuncture every week to get my body ready for the treatment. I could not believe when after three months of acupuncture I was able to conceive naturally. I credit Acupuncture Denver with helping me get pregnant, and I truly believe that I wouldn’t have been able to do this without their help.
I so looked forward to my appointments with Jane each week. Each week Jane served almost like a therapist too; she helped me de-code my blood test results and was so encouraging. Not only is Jane and her whole team amazing, but her facility is clean and comfortable.
I am so thankful I was introduced to Acupuncture Denver!

 Acupuncture to Conceive
When my husband and I decided to start trying to have a baby, we were surprised when we were pregnant within 3 months, what started out feeling kind of like a "game" suddenly became very real. Our daughter Siena was born and our lives were full. Wanting Siena to enjoy a brother or sister, we decided to start trying for a sibling when Siena was about 1 ½. After nearly a year of trying and experiencing wildly fluctuating menstrual cycles from 30 days to nearly 80, we decided to seek help. I met with my midwife who referred me to one of the doctors in her practice. After a brief discussion of our efforts she quickly wrote a prescription for serophene (aka clomid). Needless to say, I was disappointed. When Siena entered our lives, natural living, organic foods and homeopathy also gained in popularity, importance and practice. The potential health risks, negative side effects and potential for twins due to clomid caused us great concern. Not sure what to do next, I spoke with several friends some of whom had personal success with acupuncture and several of whom knew someone who had successfully conceived after receiving treatment. So, I got on the web and consider myself very lucky to have found Jane. I've never liked needles and had never tried acupuncture or Chinese medicine. My first visit with Jane put me at ease. The needles were small, the office was tranquil and most importantly, I felt comfortable with Jane, as if I'd known her for a long time even though we had only just met. I started seeing Jane for weekly acupuncture treatments and began taking the Chinese herbs she prescribed. When I had my first period, I was thrilled. I actually completed a cycle within a reasonable amount of time and ovulated! My next cycle was shorter than the first and I felt confident that we were making progress. My third cycle was nearly a perfect textbook example. Although longer than a "normal" menstrual cycle, through charting and being aware of my body, in addition to my weekly treatments with Jane, I knew exactly when I was ovulating. Even though our "goal" had been to get regular before trying to conceive, we couldn't help ourselves and so we tried, and we were successful! I am now at 35 weeks and excited to meet our second daughter. I wonder what her personality will be like; will she be similar to Siena or very different? Will they look alike? It is an amazing experience and so much fun. Siena keeps saying to me, "Mom, I just want my baby sister NOW." I reassure her that we all want baby sister to arrive, and that she will, very soon, but 5 weeks to a three year old must seem like an eternity. I am confident that my pregnancy is directly attributable to the treatments and herbs I received from Jane and I can't wait to introduce baby sister to Jane to whom we will always be grateful.

 Physical and Mental Tranquility
In the years I took birth control, I just assumed getting pregnant would be easy. After several months of failed attempts, I decided to do a little research. I wasn't ready to panic yet, but I soon realized that conception truly is a miracle and you have to ensure all the stars are aligned just right! After taking my temperature as the "Conception Bibles" told me to do, I suspected that I didn't have enough progesterone coursing through my system to sustain pregnancy. I wasn't prepared to begin a battery of tests. . .I was searching for a stress-free treatment. I have a sister-in-law who said she had used acupuncture when she was trying to conceive, so I thought I'd check it out. I searched for acupuncture providers on the Internet. When I found Jane's Web site and there was an emphasis on women's issues and fertility, I knew I had found the right place. From the very first phone call, I immediately sensed Jane's expertise - she was asking me some of the very things the "Conception Bibles" were indicating were imperative to get pregnant. At my first appointment, she became so much more than a fertility advisor. Her genuine sense of caring and the calm environment of her facility did wonders for me whenever I had an appointment. And wait until you get a tension-releasing head massage! WOW! I'm thrilled to report that I'm now in my fifth month of a very healthy pregnancy and feel quite sure Jane's guidance and treatment were instrumental in getting me here. And Jane's concern didn't end when she found out I was pregnant. She continues to check in periodically to see how things are going and offer words of advice. There's no doubt I'll be seeing her again when I need a compassionate health advocate in my corner. 

 Eastern and Western Medicine
My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for about 5 years. The first specialist suggested that adoption would be my only alternative. The second specialist said that I had less than a 5% chance to conceive using my own eggs. After about 4 IUIs, and nothing positive, I was told that we might only be successful in two more tries at IUI. Taking a few months off for the stress of the holidays, I did a little research on acupuncture and fertility. My specialist also suggested acupuncture. I found Jane's name and contacted her right away. We went through some basic treatments before I was to try the IUI again. When I was next scheduled for an IUI, I went to see Jane first for a treatment and then had my IUI. To my surprise, I became pregnant that time. I completely believe that had I started the acupuncture earlier with my IUI treatments, I would have been pregnant much earlier. I know that without Jane's acupuncture treatment before the IUI that day, I would not be pregnant now. Jane is also such a pleasant person and makes it so easy to enjoy acupuncture. I attribute a large percentage of my pregnancy to Jane and her acupuncture treatment. I would definitely recommend her acupuncture services to anyone trying to conceive.

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for 2 years. I had been through a number of fertility tests and treatments before deciding to try alternative methods. After having surgery to correct endometriosis, starting a low carb diet, and exercising more I began weekly acupuncture treatments. Within 3 months I was pregnant! I am convinced that if it were not for the change in my lifestyle and the addition of alternative medicine we would still be trying to conceive. Instead I am now the mother of two beautiful children! I am convinced that your treatments had a huge effect on our success and would recommend acupuncture to anyone having difficulty trying to conceive.

Unexplained Ovarian Dysfunction
When I was 33, my husband and I decided we wanted to try to have a baby. I had been on birth control pills for a long time (about 14 years) so I had no idea what my “real” cycle was like. When I first went off the pill, my cycle seemed pretty normal but we weren’t having any luck. With each month that went by, my cycle got longer and more unpredictable until it was lasting up to 42 days with only light spotting. I started to worry so I decided to see a doctor (even though I hate going to the doctor). I started with a fertility specialist (endocrinologist) because I thought that’s where I would end up anyway and I didn’t want to waste any more time – I was stressed/depressed and convinced it was never going to happen. I went through fertility testing and was told that I had “unexplained ovarian dysfunction” but not to worry because they could “work around it” (essentially nothing seemed wrong so they had no idea why my cycles were messed up). The doctor wanted me to take Femara (similar to Clomid) and do an IUI – or if I wasn’t ready for the IUI, I could just start by just trying the drugs. The doctor was nice but something didn’t sit right with me – why was my body having so much trouble and is it really a good idea to “work around” my body? I decided to make an appointment with Jane – a friend of a friend was receiving treatments from Jane and gave her a glowing recommendation. I couldn’t be happier about that decision!!! After meeting with Jane for the first time, I decided to hold on to the prescription for a while and try acupuncture and herbs. I saw Jane once a week for about 4 or 5 months – only now my cycle was getting healthier and more regular with each passing month and before I knew it, I was pregnant!!! One of the best parts about seeing Jane was how it made me feel. After the first couple of treatments I started to really look forward to my visits – both because of the time I spent talking to Jane and how I felt after getting acupuncture. Before I started seeing Jane I was stressed and felt out of sorts and the treatments together with Jane’s kindness made me feel more in control and relaxed. Now that I’m pregnant (due in 6 weeks), I really miss my visits, but I know I can always contact her if I’m worried, want to come in for a treatment, or just need someone to talk to. Thanks Jane for everything you have done for me!

Increasing Blood Flow
While going through the invitro fertilization process, my doctor suggested I try acupuncture to increase blood flow to my uterus and increase the chance of success with the cycle. I contacted Jane Gregorie after visiting her website and began a treatment program with her. Even though I wasn't fond of needles, I found acupuncture to be very calming and relaxing. After 4 weeks of treatment, my uterine blood flow increased to the appropriate level, drastically improving my chances for success. I had two embryos implanted and am now the proud mother of two beautiful boys! I feel that treatment with acupuncture was a very important part of my success with invitro fertilization.

 Less than 2% Chance of Conception
My fertility ‘stress test’ results came back in August of 2006. Tears poured down my cheeks as I sat in that sterile office at the fertility clinic I had been visiting for the last 4 months. The doctor told me I had less than 2% chance of conceiving with my own eggs. I was devastated and angry; angrier than I had ever been in my life. I was a healthy, physically fit, active 36-year old who ate well, didn’t take drugs or drink alcohol. I was so disillusioned & heart broken. All I wanted to do was to prove that diagnosis wrong, and with Jane’s help, did. My journey to conception and this pregnancy has changed my life and confirmed that I must always, always be true to my heart and instinct.

November of 2003 found Fred & I trying for our second child. I monitored my temperature religiously; I bought ovulation predictor kits and pregnancy tests. After 8 months, I did conceive, only to lose the pregnancy three months later. Within a few months we started to try again; this time, apprehensively, with the aid of western medicine. I met with four different doctors, endured a battery of drugs that made me emotionally and physically sick, pelvic exams, CAT scans, weekly blood work, genetic counseling and the persistent questions from family and friends…”Are you pregnant yet?”…and “How’s it going?” This was emotionally and mentally unbearable for both of us.

Finally, when I received that devastating news from the fertility clinic in August 2006, I was so completely mentally and physically exhausted from the experience that I stopped everything: the drugs, the dietary recommendations, the BBT monitoring, the ovulation predictor kits. All of it gone, done. I faded away for a bit too. I needed quiet space and time to collect and reflect on what was said, this new reality, this unbelievable diagnosis. After much prayer, meditation and thoughtful discussion, we decided to pursue foster adoption so that our first child would have a sibling.

Then, late, late one Friday night about two months later, I found myself on-line, searching for similar stories to mine. I stumbled across the Acupuncture Denver website. After reading about Jane’s treatment, I felt an immediate sense of hope and sent her an email that night, sharing my story and fertility diagnosis. Jane contacted me the following Monday and we set up an appointment to meet and talk about treatment options. She had faith and such a positive attitude about helping me that I set up weekly treatments to see if this, my last chance at attempting to conceive, would work.

Over the course of three months, I attended Jane’s Fertile Ground yoga classes, scheduled weekly acupuncture treatments, mixed herbal tonics twice a day, and made huge dietary changes. When I first started working with Jane, my cycles were totally erratic and unpredictable. We were monitoring my basal body temperature and for the first two cycles my charts were a mess. Most of my life I always had a 26 –28 day cycle, but because of all the drugs I had been subjected to over the past year, my cycles were completely out of whack. By the third cycle, it appeared that I ovulated around mid-cycle and things were beginning to change for the better.

At about 3:30 a.m. on December 6, 2006, I woke up to use the bathroom and decided to try the very last pregnancy test that was tucked way under my sink. After I took the test, I laid it face down on the counter; I really wasn’t in the mood to see another failed test. Several minutes later, I found the courage to turn it over only to find two glaring lines staring back at me. I slid down the wall and melted into a sobbing heap. Walking back into my bedroom, my husband uttered, “Honey, I am so sorry; I am so sorry.” I replied, holding out the test stick “What do you see, what does this say?” He said, “I see two lines, Peg, two lines. What does that mean?” More tears. “That means I’m pregnant, Fred.” I couldn’t go back to sleep. I was up and out of the house at 4 a.m. for a walk with our dog. I was pregnant. After 3 ½ years of trying, I was pregnant again.

Thanks to Jane for her amazing practice and abilities as an acupuncturist, the challenging dietary changes and herbal supplements, yoga and meditation, I delightfully look down at my beaming belly today and smile. Six more weeks until we get to meet this little soul that took much longer to arrive than we expected. Just six more weeks to a beautiful bundle of joy that was given less than 2% chance to arrive.

PCOS - Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
I have PCOS and I usually have very long cycles where I get my period about every 6 weeks, if at all. When I first met Jane, I was coming off of six months of failed clomid cycles. My fertility doctor kept wanting me to increase the dose, but the last two cycles I was on clomid, I hadn’t even ovulated at all. I felt like I was banging my head against a wall and that my body and I were working against each other. Clomid made me crazy. It made me very emotional and decreased my sex drive. While I was on clomid, my relationship with my husband was very strained, which isn’t helpful when you’re trying to conceive.

I had done some acupuncture before I started working with Jane, but I felt as though my other acupuncturist was not very focused on fertility issues. Jane was so knowledgeable about fertility issues when I first met with her that I completely trusted her diagnosis and recommended treatment. She was also very warm and supportive. After going over my history, she created a treatment plan specific to my issues. I tried to do everything that Jane recommended including acupuncture once a week, taking herbs for each phase of my cycle, and going to her yoga class.

I immediately started to feel better with Jane’s treatment plan. I was in much better spirits and I did not have the same desperation about getting pregnant that I had felt for the past year. I felt as though everything would happen when it was meant to. I was so much more relaxed and my relationship with my husband improved almost immediately. I had an early setback when I got my period less than two weeks after my last period, but Jane was there to talk me through the situation. The earlier period had been induced by Provera (synthetic progesterone) so we decided that the second period was my true and natural cycle asserting itself.

The next month, I ended up ovulating on day 17 of my cycle, which was the earliest I had ever ovulated on my own. I was so excited and had such a good feeling about this cycle. Twelve days later I took a pregnancy test and it was positive!! After telling my husband and my sister, I immediately emailed Jane and thanked her profusely. I truly feel as though her treatment made the difference for me. I am now almost fourteen weeks pregnant and feeling great. I would highly recommend Jane to anyone who is experiencing fertility issues.

Advanced Maternal Age
I first tried to get pregnant when I was 41.  Knowing how potentially difficult it might be to conceive at that age, I was surprised to get pregnant very quickly.  However, I also knew that the risk of miscarriage was high, and unfortunately, I did miscarry.  I immediately began researching if anything could be done to lower the risk of miscarriage.  Egg quality was consistently identified as a main cause of miscarriage in older women, so I did research to see if there was anything that could be done to improve it.  I found that acupuncture had been used successfully, and there was a considerable amount of literature on the subject.  I had used acupuncture in the past for sports injuries, so I already knew that it had health benefits.  I began searching for a Denver acupuncturist who specialized in fertility and reproductive issues and was lucky to find Acupuncture Denver.  After speaking with Jane about my situation, I began regular visits.  I found both Jane and Merry to be excellent acupuncturists, and they were also very supportive. The treatments were not painful, but were actually quite relaxing.  I became pregnant again, and this time, at the age of 42, I gave birth to a wonderful, healthy baby boy.  I am convinced that the acupuncture treatments I received at Acupuncture Denver were a major factor in my successful pregnancy.

 Unexplained Infertility
My name is Karin and I am 40 years old.  I have been married to my husband, Woody for 14 years. I have three great children; Hannah (9), Theo (2) and Eli (1).  Infertility has been a theme of my adult life; we have had quite a journey in creating our family of five.

In my late twenties, Woody and I tried to conceive a baby for about 18 months. We met with fertility specialists and had a full description of the roads to “cure” my infertility, starting with a Clomid regime and culminating in IVF. We looked at the odds of success, even at our relatively young age, and decided to take a different path. We adopted a beautiful baby girl from Korea and named her Hannah.  After her arrival, we were a happy family of three. For seven years, I did not think about infertility, though I admit to twinges of jealousy at baby showers. 

In the spring of 2007, I missed a period and just felt weird.  Convinced I was entering early menopause, I took a pregnancy test “just to rule it out” before I contacted my GYN.  I was pregnant. I felt that this baby was a cosmic gift, a miracle baby. All three of us were thrilled.  

We expected the baby around January 17, 2008. At 14 weeks, we announced the pregnancy to our surprised families and moved to a larger house. We went for a routine ultrasound at 22 weeks and hoped to learn the gender of the baby. Instead, we were told that the baby had problems with his long bones and we were immediately referred to a perinatologist. He was diagnosed a lethal chromosome disorder, thanatophoric skeletal dysplasia. Thanatophoric is Greek for “death-bringing” and there is no treatment. There was no question that our baby’s condition was severe and that he would die from this disorder. The doctor said that the bestprognosis for our baby was a very brief and painful life. After much soul searching, we decided the most humane course for us and for our baby was to end the pregnancy.  I terminated my first and only pregnancy on September 13, 2007. To this day, I am still coming to terms with that decision.  The pain of this loss was incredible. 

We started the doctor rounds again. The likelihood of a second pregnancy given my age and infertility was slim, we were told. We wanted a second child and weighed the odds.  We decided to adopt again and began the process to adopt our son, Theo, from Korea.

We were assured that a pregnancy would not jeopardize Theo’s adoption.  Since my husband and I were both 38, we felt that we had to pursue having a biological child if we were going to have any real chance at conceiving. I was concerned about the impact the termination had had on my body.  A friend who had lost a late-term pregnancy told me that she used acupuncture as a means of helping the uterus to heal.  I started researching acupuncture on the internet. Jane Gregorie’s name popped up and I left a message at her office. She returned my call within the hour and we talked for at least 45 minutes.  I explained what had happened with our first pregnancy and she really listened.  I started treatments right away.  The first goal was to make sure I healed appropriately; the second was to try and get pregnant again.

I am convinced that Jane’s treatments helped me heal completely after the termination. I am also convinced that the treatments resulted in my getting pregnant again in late December 2007.  My doctors have joked that I have “unexplained fertility” but I am sure that acupuncture is the reason for our success.  The second pregnancy was smooth. I gave birth to a full-term, healthy baby boy a few days short of my 39th birthday. Little Eli is now a chubby, happy one year old who is delighted with his older siblings, Hannah and Theo.

I am still amazed that we have journeyed from infertility through an adoption, a painful loss, another adoption and a birth to the end result of our very happy family of five.

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