Fertility Success Stories

 Lifestyle Balance
I started seeing Jane at Acupuncture Denver after trying to conceive during the last five years without success. The months and years of taking fertility drugs, going through IUI, and enduring tests, only to be told that my infertility was "unexplained" had taken it's toll. Before deciding to try IVF or look at adoption options, a friend going through a similar experience suggested acupuncture. I had nothing to lose and was willing to try an alternative to conventional medicine. From the first time I met Jane, I knew I was in good hands. She struck a perfect balance of professionalism and compassion. She was confident but did not over-promise. Most of all, after our first meeting, Jane gave me the sense that even if my treatment did not lead to conceiving, I was taking a step to bringing back balance in my life. I had become consumed with "getting pregnant." It was time to let go of that singular focus and let life take its course. After one month of treatment, I became pregnant! My husband and I were happy and in disbelief! I continued acupuncture treatment through my seventh month of pregnancy. We are now parents to a beautiful and healthy baby boy. I feel very lucky to have found Jane and can't thank her enough for the treatment and care I received.
- K.F.

The Infertility Cure
Like many people struggling with infertility, our journey was long, frustrating, disappointing, and heartbreaking.  We wanted to start our family at a young age -- we were both healthy, fit, active, led a very healthy lifestyle and never imagined there would be any problems.  We both were driven, self motivated, successful people and always had the philosophy that there was nothing we could not accomplish with some hard work and dedication but for the first time in our lives felt like complete failures.  We had 8 years of frustration, various and numerous disappointing experiences with the medical field, horrible reactions to medications, and battles with depression.  We were blessed with a loving, strong, devoted marriage and had never had anything test us quite like this journey.   But it was not until after a heartbreaking miscarriage after 8 years of trying that really put us on the path towards Jane.

Shortly after my miscarriage, through much obsessive research on everything relating to infertility, I found and read the book The Infertility Cure by Randine Lewis and wanting to find a local practitioner who used the methods in the book and found Jane's name through the website recommended in the book.

 From the first time we talked on the phone I felt so good about Jane, her care, and her expertise.  After our first evaluation with her my husband and I, for the first time in years, felt encouraged and we finally had hope and confidence in a treatment that offered a similar wellness philosophy that we had always believed so strongly in.  We live about 3.5 hours from Jane's office but felt like it was the right path for us so we were not able to make weekly trips for our appointments but between making the drive every 2 weeks to see her and her guidance with our local acupuncturist we were able to continue our treatment plan.  Through the acupuncture, herbs, and her recommendations on diet and lifestyle, I saw wonderful improvements in my cycle, sleep, and stress management.   At 31, I had never know what a 'normal' period could be like  and was now having more regular periods with much less pain, no more night sweats, much less severe PMS, and much better sleep . 

After seeing Jane for almost a year we still were not pregnant and she recommended we might need to have some further testing and evaluation done -- she referred us to an excellent MD and after going through numerous specific tests, the MD told us that due to a condition with my husband's sperm that our only option to conceive would be through IVF and ICSI.   So after much prayer we decided we would probably proceed but we did decide to postpone any treatments for several months, regroup, and just try to enjoy life again.  We knew we wanted to continue our acupuncture treatments to help with the success of the IVF and Jane was so supportive and helpful and agreed to do whatever she could to help us.  

However, about 6 weeks after our consult with the MD we found out we were pregnant!   And shortly after this amazing news one of Jane's comments to me came back into my mind-- I had asked her if there was anything else we could do to help with our fertility and her comment was, "Sometimes the best thing is not in the doing, but in the letting go" and her words had such wisdom!!    I am now 33 years old and we are now 32 weeks pregnant.  I have had a wonderful, healthy pregnancy and we are so excited about meeting our precious gift from God.   We have been both overwhelmed and humbled that our dream to have a child has finally been fulfilled, that we got to conceive naturally and that we are going to get to bring this child into the world in the way we always wanted.    We feel so blessed that our path led to Jane -- we feel very certain that we would not be pregnant right now if not for meeting her.  

 Low AMH
My husband and I conceived our first daughter within a month or two of stopping birth control. It was so easy that I just assumed I was “fertile myrtle” like my great grandmother who had conceived for the first time at age 45. When we began trying for baby number two, I was 32 years old and my daughter was 18 months old. Three months of trying was fun, six months warranted my first chat with my OB, and a year marked my first surgery to diagnosis and treat mild endometriosis. I was convinced the surgery would fix the problem, but I was still dealing with infertility almost two years later.

My OB ran the typical tests and assured me that everything was normal except for the endometriosis. The nurses downplayed the importance of my AMH level, which was 0.2. I was suspicious and googled “low AMH”, which led to a week of uncontrolled sobbing. Apparently, my AMH level was more like a fertility death sentence in the eyes of western medicine. My number signaled major problems with my ovarian reserve, or the quantity and possibly the quality of my remaining eggs. I let the doctor and nurses convince me that a little bit of Clomid would do the trick, and I tried 3 cycles with Clomid and IUIs, all of which failed.

During this time, I started treatments at Acupuncture Denver. Whereas my trips to the doctor were stressful and depressing, my time with Jane and Merry was therapeutic and gave me a sense of control that I desperately needed. I improved my diet, began exercising more and overall felt better than I ever had. I firmly believe that the weekly acupuncture treatments improved my fertility. With my nearly undetectable AMH level, my RE told me that he would expect to see only 2-3 antral follicles on my scan. He was surprised when my scans were always between 8-13 follicles. When I was successful and conceived with injectables and IUI, he was surprised again that someone who had hormone levels more like those of a 45 year old would respond so well to the medication and have a successful first attempt. I didn’t need progesterone support to maintain the pregnancy, as he said I most likely would, and I am now 32 weeks pregnant and have had a healthy pregnancy. It took 3 years to achieve, but I finally beat the odds.

Jane and Merry helped me keep my sanity during the roller coaster ride that is infertility. They’ve done more than help me achieve a pregnancy. They taught me that my mental and physical health are more important than a number on a lab report. They helped me realize that my AMH level was only one piece of the puzzle, and that by taking a more proactive role in my health, I had a much better chance of beating the odds and conceiving again.
- K.C.

PCOS - Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
I just wanted to write you a quick e-mail to give you an update on my life and to thank you so much for everything that you did for me and my family.  If you recall, I saw you several times last summer for my irregular periods and diagnosis of PCOS.  When I began seeing you, I was pretty hopeless that my husband and I would be able to start a family, as my periods were so irregular.  My doctor's only solution was to take clomid, which I was reluctant to do after a close friend took the drug and had twins.  It seemed like there should be a way to address the underlying cause of my irregular periods rather than to simply take drugs to make me ovulate more.  I found your treatments to be so relaxing and beneficial, and always looked forward to you supportive counsel. 

After seeing you for a couple of months, my husband and I were overjoyed to find out in August that we were expecting.  After a textbook pregnancy, Isaac was born on April 16.  He's a sweet little guy with a great disposition and is taking it pretty easy on us!  We're so happy to be family of three.

Thanks so much for everything that you did for us!

Unexplained Infertility
When my husband and I began trying to conceive we assumed it would be easy. After all the years of trying not to have a baby, we now wanted to grow our family. After about a year of no success and growing heartache we decided we needed to do more. I began seeing a fertility specialist and through a second year of "unexplained infertility" we still didn't have any answers. During this time Jane and Acupuncture Denver gave me a place to relax, open up, cry and breathe. Jane seemed like a friend I had known a long time, and her practical and genuine nature helped me see an alternative to sadness. My husband and I then tried an IUI, which worked but ended in miscarriage. Through five more IUI's we endured failure and an ectopic pregnancy. Then on the sixth attempt, along with Jane's acupuncture and herbal help, dietary changes and lots of yoga, we achieved a successful, healthy pregnancy. I am now 37 weeks and gratefully anticipating the arrival of our son or daughter! Going through this process has been a growing experience for my husband and me. In hindsight we can say that it was the way it was meant to be. But Jane helped more than she could even know, especially during those dark days on the way to the light. 

 Low AMH and One Fallopian Tube
At just over 17 weeks pregnant, I now feel I can write a review on my experience! At 37 years old, with only my left fallopian tube, finding out I had an AMH level of less than 0.16 and after months of no success with Clomid or Letrozole and IUI's it was time to look at alternatives. I got on the internet and started my homework, I tried questionable Chinese teas, started on a self-prescribed course of DHEA, daily Royal Jelly and even Castor Oil packs! I have a family history of Celiac disease, so although I test negative, I also went totally gluten free, no cheating this time. After a few months, my AMH level improved slightly to 0.25! I was so excited, until I was told by doctors that was in the error range of the test :( So now it was time to look further afield. I started to look at diet, and bought "The Infertility Cure" by Dr. Randine Lewis. This was my turning point, after less than an hour of reading I was hooked and back online researching acupuncture facilities in Denver!
I came across Acupuncture Denver, and Jane Gregorie. Looking at Jane's biography I saw that she had worked closely with Dr. Lewis, and that was all I needed, it was late so I emailed them and within hours I had a response. We spoke the next day and I set up my first appointment on 8/21/13. At the time of my first acupuncture session I was still on Clomid, my plan was to stay on medication until my IVF appointment in December. One of the first things I remember Jane saying to me was "Get off the Clomid, you are going to wear out your ovaries!". That was my last attempt with Clomid or Letrozol. No one had ever really put it like that to me, and it was a wakeup call after a year of medication. So, no more medication, I went on a weekly course of acupuncture, and Jane started me off on some supplements. I also stayed on the DHEA and Royal Jelly, and maintained my Gluten Free diet. Honestly, I don't know if I really believed in what I was doing, but was willing to try anything! Jump forward 8 weeks and I had just signed up for Fertility Yoga. I was out of town on a work trip and started to feel "funny". The odd sharp pain in my abdomen, and tired, so tired. When I got back to Denver I took a pregnancy test, maybe the 40th test in the last 12 months. Sitting there at 9pm on October 25th waiting for the result, I expected the usual. I didn't get the usual - I got POSITIVE! I got PREGNANT! I couldn't believe it. I also couldn't believe I took it at 9pm on a Friday. No sleep for me that night :) The first few months it was nothing but worry, I continued my acupuncture and had multiple ultrasounds. But now I feel like I can celebrate, I can let you all know how great Jane and her team are! I can start believing that I am going to have a baby!

So to finish - Now I believe. Now I recommend acupuncture to everyone I talk to. If that's not enough for you - A few weeks ago I went in for my appointment and I had a crick in my neck, Jane suggested we focus on that area - it was gone the next day! 

IVF Outcomes Improved
I visited Acupuncture Denver in 2013 to help me with two egg retrieval procedures.  Before that, I had one retrieval in late 2012, and though I had 13 active follicles, that first retrieval yielded only 9 eggs, 3 of which were mature, and 2 of which fertilized.  Combined with a change in stim meds protocol, with four weeks of acupuncture treatments, my second retrieval yielded 15 eggs, 12 of which were mature, and 10 of which fertilized.  An improvement of 500%!  I was able to do 12 weeks of acupuncture treatments for my third retrieval, which yielded 17 eggs, 12 of which were mature, and 10 of which fertilized.  Of the 22 total, 12 lived to blastocyst stage, and 4 of those passed genetic testing – one from the first cycle, one from the second, and two from the third.  Clearly, the more acupuncture treatments, greater the quantity and quality produced. We are looking forward to doing successful embryo transfers with the assistance of Acupuncture Denver! 
Jane, Merry, and staff are fantastic at what they do.  Not just in terms of technical skills, but also, they provide such an ambience of support and empathy. As a fertility patient I think this is of utmost importance, and I felt blessed to find such a sensitive and caring practice.  I had never tried acupuncture before so this was a wonderful introduction to how good it can make you feel and how healthy it is for the mind-body-spirit connection.  When you first arrive you are offered tea or water, which is lovely.  I especially love the Rose Petal. They are never behind schedule, but also never in a hurry, so you always get to go in on time, and you never feel rushed.  Once in the treatment room, the visit begins with a discussion about how you have been feeling in the interim since your last appointment.  They are very interested in knowing whatever you have to say and they keep notes from visit to visit.  When it’s time to begin they explain everything to you before they do it, so there are no surprises.  The needles go in and you begin to feel relaxed.  They rarely are uncomfortable, but when that happens they are moved right away. Then the music or meditation CD comes on and you drift off peacefully.  I would highly recommend Acupuncture Denver, without any reservation.  

  Fertility Success Times Two
When I first went to see Jane in 2008, I was 28 and had been trying to get pregnant for four years. My husband and I were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. We tried IUI a couple of times but didn’t get much further than that before I noticed my confidence and attitude start to plummet. I decided to try healthier approach than taking Clomid and stressing over IUI.At first I didn’t like going to acupuncture but after a couple of weeks I started to feel overwhelmingly better even though I wasn’t pregnant yet. The stress and depression I was experiencing at the time was excruciating and the sadness consumed me. Having relief from that pain was worth every penny and just a few months later I was finally pregnant. That was a good day.
After my beautiful daughter arrived I knew I shouldn’t assume the problem was fixed. If the first baby took five years the second could take just as long. And I’m not getting any younger! So after another year and a half of trying for the second baby I went back to Jane. Within three months I was pregnant again.
I also referred two of my friends to Jane and they both have babies now. 
I still schedule treatments with Jane because I notice that when I go to acupuncture I handle stress better, my memory is better, I have more patience and I’m just overall more grounded. I absolutely love everything about Acupuncture Denver--  the office is clean, comfortable and the staff is consistently friendly and compassionate.  So, basically, what I’m saying is this stuff really works and I’ll never go anywhere else for acupuncture. Thank you Jane!!!

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